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David Dalton C.Ht.



“For years I’ve looked to teachers, directors and cast-mates hoping to find someone who could find that ‘little thing’ that would take my acting to the next level; David did that and more with my first monologue. I recommend studying with him to any actor; you will get more out of a couple months with David then you have out of years with most teachers.”

Triffany Hammond, Littleton, CO

“I send many of my actors to David… They always come back with incredible clarity and focus toward their career objectives… most have a break-through in their acting as well. I can always count on David to take my actors to a higher level!”

Brian McCulley – Talent Manager

“The combination of David’s experience, insight and talent provides actors with valuable information, which is necessary in any market.”

Patty Kingsbaker, Radical Artists Agency

“I have seen David work his magic in casting sessions and audition workshops. His ability to direct, teach and demonstrate skills is remarkable. He knows how to bring out the best in the actor. I would recommend any actor who is serious about their career to study with David”

Annie Hamilton – Casting Director

“David's programs are so much more than just a great acting workshop. It's a workshop for the whole actor. You get career counseling, a personality profile, and a deeper understanding of your own unique process and way of learning…If you can only afford one workshop, make it this one!”

Kathryn Gould, Actress

“David’s has made all the difference in the world to my acting and to me. The creations, lessons and tools David provided will help me for a lifetime. I see my path more clearly now… the difference is, I am moving along with more confidence.”

Roxane Sondrup, Actress

“David rocks! He’s brought my auditions to a higher level. He explains things in a language you can understand. I always recommend David to my friends.”

Theresa Downs, Actress

“I have seen a real improvement in my acting and auditioning since taking David’s workshops. The exercises open you up to more creative thinking. I have more choices, ideas and tools.”

Catherine McGuire, Actress

“I feel like a shell has been opened. I have more ideas and the level of confidence in my creativity is coming out. I am really seeing an improvement with each class.”

LeighAnn Gould, Actress

"Dave Dalton's Masters Class offers a fresh approach to acting. It helps the actor look beyond the surface of themselves, the characters they portray, and the scripts they read from. This class has helped me discover my unique qualities as an actress, and has taught me the importance of always bringing a piece of myself to every role. Dave's experience in the industry provides the actor with valuable advice and information.”

Danielle Guba, Actress