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David Dalton C.Ht.

The Career Actor's Coach

About David

David has 25 years of Improv, acting and coaching experience. He has worked in the Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles markets, landing roles in over 70 plays, 50 commercials and several TV episodes, such as Friends, The Journey of Allen Strange, and Diagnosis Murder. He has also performed roles in television movies such as A Norman Rockwell Christmas and The Return of Ironside. Other roles include the local films Generosity and Scare Tactics: The Short. David’s experience also includes work behind the camera as a casting associate in LA and currently, as a Casting Director here in Denver, which gives him valuable insight to the audition process.

Life Coaching/Counseling

David Dalton is not only an actor, but also a Certified Life Coach and Behavioral Therapist specializing in success motivation and the creative process. He is a graduate of HMI Behavioral Science Center in southern California and has been in private practice for six years. He has helped hundreds of actors to overcome fear, creative blocks and personal obstacles, allowing them to take their careers to the next level. In his sessions, David helps the actor to understand their own creative process and shows them how to stay clear and focused on the path toward achievement. His combined expertise allows him to deliver unique and powerful tools for the development of the actor’s craft and career.